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The Oil Punk of Oakland

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Warriors Parade 2017

Once again we had the honor of celebrating a Warriors championship by parading the Mayor, her family and MC Hammer through the streets of Oakland on the Snail Car. Hundreds of thousands of Warriors fans came out along with some of our favorite local art cars- a rare but exciting mix of art and sports.

Congratulations Oakland! …One more thing to be proud of in this crazy town.

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La Machine in the Bay Area!

La Machine is the incredible art team from Nantes, France who are creating some of the world’s most exciting large scale art and immersive performance experiences. Today, I am happy to announce that we have been in conversation with them, Mayor Schaaf and some potential financial backers about the possibility of La Machine returning to Oakland in 2018-19 with both LONG MA JING SHEN and LES MÉCANIQUES SAVANTES!

Our collective vision is to bring these two enormous creatures all the way from their home in Nantes, France to wander the streets of Oakland. We are proposing a four day show, with the creatures starting on opposite ends of town and meeting downtown. Each day, as they make their way towards one another, they’ll make four designated stops where the creatures will perform alongside a host of local artists and performers, uniting La Machine’s team with Bay Area artists to co-create an unforgettable experience.


Our week started at Bruce Beasley’s sculpture garden where Francois Delaroziere and Fredette Lampre La Machine gave a stunning presentation outlining some of their major projects. It was an exciting introduction for those who weren’t well acquainted with their work and by the end of the night I was delighted to observe how we’d all experienced the movement from being awe-inspired to feeling a thrilling sense of purpose. It was the kick off we were hoping for to begin drumming up excitement for our big plans
Photos by Jillian Northrup

Reveling in Art

Then came Maker Faire who invited Les Machines de l’ile to present and La Machine’s Giant Ant to play and perform. We were placed right next to them with the Golden Mean Snail Car and the Electrobite and enjoyed seeing the creatures get to know each other.  They were exceptionally well received and as always we thoroughly enjoyed sharing our art with the kids (old and new) and learning of La Machine’s new project the Herons Tree.

Meeting with the Mayor

We wrapped up our long weekend with a Monday morning meeting at city hall. Mayor Schaaf expressed an encouraging amount of excitement over the prospect of hosting the huge art festival in Oakland and it looks like we’ll have the necessary support of the city. There are a million details to work out but as far as starts go, this is a good one.

One concern we all shared was how to incorporate all of Oakland’s artistic facets. It’s diversity is largely what makes it one of the greatest art hubs in the US and we all agree that this event will require many spotlights.

Another obvious concern is where to get the money for such a grande vision. The city of Oakland doesn’t have the financial resources to ship a 50 foot tall dragon, nor a 50 foot tall spider across the ocean. That’s clearly up to us event planners to figure out.

What’s Next

Our immediate focus moving forward is on securing the funding. We’re looking for a small number of large donors and would love to speak with anyone who’s interested in financially backing this world-class event. Once we succeed in making this event happen Oakland will once again be making world news- this time for being the first US appearance of La Machine’s large creatures and for the amazing local art and entertainment we have in store.

We would love to invite all of you to join us in Ottawa 2017 to see for yourself how incredible this event could be.

Enormous thanks to: Konnie May – Project Coordinator,  Bruce Beasley, The Crucible, Adam Nelsen & Mike Pierce from Oakland Spirits Co, Kristina Lazar from Spirit Works, Catherine Boyd of Holy Cheeses and of course the Empire of Dirt Crew!

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RH Baker

Greenblott Brass
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Pizza Rock’s 3-Ring Chandelier Lights Up Las Vegas

What better place to make a statement with lights than Las Vegas? Pizza Rock’s new custom Form & Reform three-ring chandelier does just that, with a bold conical shape that fills their dining room with a whopping 112.5 watts of light. Each of the candelabra sockets can be pointed up, out, down, or anywhere in between, giving the restaurant an opportunity to easily change the fixture’s appearance and keep things fresh.

More Pictures Here

I visited Pizza Rock to get a feel for the space, and found the eclectic, industrial design called for a bold, bright, statement fixture that won’t clash with the existing decor. The industrial lines of forged steel rings heavily dotted with candelabra sockets fit the bill perfectly, with Form & Reform’s signature fire-scale finish adding just the right amount of texture to complement the brick walls.

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Cairdean Estate Winery’s Great Taste Extends to Lighting

Napa Valley’s renowned Cairdean Estate proved a wonderful space for Form & Reform lights, blending rustic with elegant, industrial with refined. Working with the client, we opted to play up those contrasts, complementing large, bold ring lights with dozens of candelabra bulbs hanging from fabric-wrapped cords. The resulting lights feel almost like enlarged wine barrel hoops, with the many lights shining like dewdrops in the morning sun.

The two largest forged steel ring chandeliers, each an impressive 9′ diameter, will be hung in Cairdean Estate’s The Farmer & The Fox, a Michelin Bib Gourmand-winning gastropub. Two 48″ diameter ring chandeliers will be installed in their tasting room. If your travels take you to the St. Helena area, I recommend a visit to their expansive grounds that include a tasting room, bakery and deli, restaurant, and event space.

More Pictures Here


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Glistening Web Light Catches Your Eye

The Web Light chandelier may not catch prey, but it certainly catches the eye of anyone who encounters it. Both elegant and playful, the Web Light features gently hand-forged tapered steel spanning each radial rod, mold-blown glass adorning the vertical hang rod, fire-scale finish texture, and gracefully varied lines.

The durable yet visually delicate Web Light complements a variety of interior styles including Art Deco, French, Modern Glamour, Contemporary, and Eclectic.


More pictures here

As with all Form & Reform lights, a change of bulbs will transform the light’s feel. This 45″ diameter fixture’s twelve candelabra-sized sockets work perfectly with either chromed or candle bulbs. Chromed bulbs cast light back toward the central glass spire, creating a glamorous sparkle, while candle bulbs visually elongate the radial lines.


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Oakland’s New Mayor Rides in our Snail Art Car

“I think it’s a great symbol of Oakland, our vitality, our creativity, our secret sauce”
– Libby Schaaf on the Golden Mean Snail Art Car 

Photo by D. Ross Cameron/Bay Area News Group
Photo: Carlos Avila Gonzalez / The Chronicle

It’s no surprise people are talking about Oakland’s new mayor, Libby Schaaf, but there’s one detail that seems to surprise everyone: her mayoral ride, the Golden Mean. Apparently most political figures don’t travel to their inauguration in a giant snail with flaming eye sockets.

Schaaf and I first connected during the 2013 Oakland mayoral race around West Oakland business. I agreed with Schaaf’s vision for an Oakland that supports artists, makers, and industrial businesses like mine. When she requested the Golden Mean make a campaign event appearance, I was happy to oblige.

When Schaaf won the election, we took a celebratory ride in the Golden Mean. But the greatest honor came with the last request: a ride for Schaaf and her family to her mayoral inauguration. The event was quintessential Oakland: held at the Paramount Theater, the mayor and her family arriving in the Golden Mean, Schaaf’s acceptance speech including “hella”, and protesters reminding everyone of issues to be addressed.

When we first built the Golden Mean in 2008, little did we know it would someday make Oakland history. Working nights and weekends, the snail car my wife Kyrsten dreamed up was built by her, myself, and our Empire of Dirt crew of artist makers in my West Oakland Form & Reform shop. Since building Golden Mean we’ve made the Electrobite and Serpent Twins, but you’re less likely to see our mayor riding around in them, seeing as they’re not street legal.


Meet the Golden Mean Sunday, January 11, 2015madeinoakland-Libby-flyer

As part of Schaaf’s inaugural week, the Golden Mean Snail Art Car will soon make another appearance at the public event celebrating the great town of Oakland and it’s makers this Sunday, January 11. We hope you’ll join us for the “Made in Oakland” Inaugural Festival at American Steel in West Oakland from 3 p.m. to 7 p.m.

Press with Libby Schaaf and the Golden Mean

SFGate / SF Chronicle – Libby Schaaf sworn in as Oakland’s 50th mayor
San Francisco Magazine – That Fire-Shooting Snail Car That Mayor Libby Schaaf Keeps Driving Around Oakland Is the Best Thing Ever
Inside Bay Area – Libby Schaaf sworn in as Oakland mayor
Laughing Squid – Oakland, California’s New Mayor Libby Schaaf Rides Snail Art Car To Her Inauguration

Election Victory Celebration
KQED – Video: Libby Schaaf Rides a Giant Mechanical Snail
SF Gate/ SF Chronicle – Libby Schaaf celebrates Oakland mayoral victory: “an awesome city”
SJ Mercury News / Oakland Tribune – Libby Schaaf celebrates decisive victory and ‘Oakland’s awesomeness’
CBS – Quan Concedes Oakland Mayor’s Race; Schaaf Celebrates In Fire-Breathing Snail Car

Golden Mean Snail Art Car
Facebook Fan Page
Instructable / how it was made
Blog: Golden Mean

Recent Golden Mean in Oakland
Popular Mechanics Video – How Oakland Is Becoming Northern California’s Next Great Startup Hub

“It’s hella time for Oakland.”
  – Libby Schaaf, inaugural speech

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Stunning Deco Mirror Ring Light

Deco Mirror Ring Light Shines

The Deco Mirror chandelier was inspired by the elegance and pizzazz of 1920’s and 1930’s interiors. A statement fixture, the Deco Mirror Light can compliment a variety of interior styles including Art Deco, French, Modern Glamour, Contemporary, and Eclectic.

More pictures here

This 18-candelabra bulb light is adorned with inset mirror panels lining the underside, inside and outside ring circumference. Hanging gracefully from three curved metal supports, the faceted mirror ring reflects its surroundings and sparkles with light.


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Playful Custom Light Fixture is Made for Modification

Stance Modifiable Fixture

Stance Socks was looking for a custom light fixture that could be playfully modified on a whim. I think this light fits the bill, with 7 medium-socket bulbs hanging from long, fabric-covered cords. The cords can hang straight and long, or be wrapped, knotted, and arranged in countless configurations.

The durable cords are suspended from a bar of square tube steel. The 3-point ceiling attachment design creates a streamlined, elegant, and stable area for cord customization while still providing easy installation.

Please note: these photos show the fixture temporarily rigged in the Form & Reform shop. The final installation will be flush-mounted to the ceiling at the flat disks.

More pictures here

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Oregon Electric Station: Custom Chandeliers Create a Timeless yet Modern Space

Oregon Electric Station’s Custom Chandeliers

When the new owners of the Oregon Electric Station Restaurant contacted me, I looked at the space and knew custom lights could really make this historic hall shine. The design would need to be modern, yet timeless, and the fixtures carefully scaled for the space.

To ensure these modern light fixtures would compliment the grand, slightly industrial, turn of the century space, I worked with the clients on the design. They sent me some sketches, and we built upon a few favorite design elements from my previous custom chandeliers. The resulting three-tier chandelier has a conical shape that punctuates the long station hall.

After the design had been finalized, we hand-forged and fabricated six of these three-tier chandeliers in the Form & Reform shop. The top tier is 48″ diameter, the middle is 30″, and the bottom is 16″. Each light has 36 total medium-socket lights, hanging from cloth-covered wire. I also created five custom, single-ring chandeliers for the restaurant.

The Oregon Electric Station Restaurant in Eugene reopens in summer 2014. As with all of my custom work, I can’t wait to see them installed in the space!

More Pictures Here

More information:

Oregon Electric Station Restaurant Website, including history

Wikipedia: Oregon Electric Station

The Register-Guard story on the new owners


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RH Launches San Sebastian Line

“There are pieces that furnish a home. And those that define it.” Jon and his new line of San Sebastian chandeliers with Restoration Hardware appeared in the May 2014 issues of Elle Decor, 7×7, C, Veranda, and LA Confidential, as well as the July issue of Architectural Digest.

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RH Launches Two New Sarriugarte Lines: San Sebastian and Circa 1920 Spanish

Announcing Sarriugarte’s new RH lines:
San Sebastian & Circa 1920 Spanish Torch

I’m pleased to announce the launch of two new Restoration Hardware lines of Sarriugarte designed lights: the San Sebastian and Circa 1920 Spanish Torch lines.


Look for me in your April/May magazines (Elle Decor, 7×7, C, etc.) holding my RH San Sebastian chandelier.

Demand for my first line with RH, Camino, was high, so they asked me to design two more lines of lights, the San Sebastian Line and the Circa 1920 Spanish Line. I’m pleased to now be able to offer a broader variety of my forged steel fixtures.

Fans of Form & Reform style can order my RH lights easily online. They are generally in stock and ready to ship, with a price point lower than my custom fixtures. Visit the RH catalogue page for each line by clicking the images below.

Three Sarriugarte lines available now at Restoration Hardware

Circa 1920 Spanish 48" round chandelier
New line: Circa 1920 Spanish Lights
[/ezcol_1third] [ezcol_1third]
San Sebastian 62" Rectangular
New line: San Sebastian Lights
[/ezcol_1third] [ezcol_1third_end]
Camino Two-Tier 72.25" Chandelier
Camino Lights – new options



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Willow Light: A Wedding Chandelier

For a wedding, then forever

While every custom light project is important, the Willow Light was designed for a very special occasion. At their wedding, the clients’ florist will weave fresh vines and flowers through the fixture, as well as gather and tie the hanging bulbs. It’s an honor to know that with all the elements of planning a wedding, this couple chose to commission a Form & Reform light for their special day.

After this light takes the stage as the centerpiece of the loving couple’s ceremony, it can go in their home as a permanent, enduring reminder of that momentous day.

More pictures

This 60″ diameter single ring light has both ring-mounted candelabra sockets facing up, and fabric-cords with standard medium sockets hanging 18″ and 30″ below the steel ring. Three chains meet at a simple top hub, tying the fixture together.

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Routh Light: Illuminating the Great Outdoors

Routh Light transforms a deck

The Routh’s took advantage of a little-known feature of Form & Reform fixtures: they can be built for installation in covered, exterior spaces. This two-ring chandelier with hanging candelabra bulbs has a durable clear finish for longevity, while the electrical is double grounded for safety.

More Pictures

The Routh Light will be installed in an open air deck space with an exposed beam ceiling. Can’t wait to see it installed!

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Richards Light: A custom two-tier chandelier

This elegant two-tiered ring chandelier was designed to be the perfect addition to a client’s newly purchased home.

More Pictures Here

The Richards light features a 48″ diameter upper ring, a 60″ diameter lower ring, and candelabra sockets.

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Pan Collection: Perfect for Home or Retail

Half human, half beast, the mythological god Pan is the inspiration for the playful lines of these forged metal designs.

pan shelves2

Designed by Jon Sarriugarte, Form & Reform’s Pan Collection is sturdy, elegant, and highly versatile.

The Pan Collection is praised for its broad reach, and is unusually well suited to both residential and retail environments. Residential customers have bought Pan furniture to complete rooms in a multitude of interior styles, including modern, rustic, eclectic, and traditional. Retail stores have found the shelves, stands, and etageres work perfectly for showcasing art glass, ceramics, and artisan crafts.

We use hammer and anvil to forge steel into these life-like leg shapes and combine them with graceful, sturdy, textured supports. Pan pieces are then topped with 3/8” glass featuring a ground, rounded edge. Frames are coated with a clear polyurethane finish.

Purchase Pan Collection pieces at the Form & Reform Store
Pan Shelves
Pan Tables

Contact Michelle at michelle(at)formandreform(dot)com for trade pricing.


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Fixtures for GitHub HQ 3.0 in SF

I’m pleased to share some professional shots of the custom lights I created as part of GitHub’s new – and newsworthy – headquarters in San Francisco, CA. Since most people won’t have the opportunity to see these lights in person, good pictures are gold.

Form & Reform’s contribution to this innovative tech workplace includes twelve Gioia style chandeliers for the dining room, an I-Beam Service Rail for the kitchen pass through, and a series of beam-mounted lights integrated into the architecture above the bar.

It was a pleasure working with Rebecca Brownlee McEfee and Kate Hanzo, principals for Studio Hatch. Their set of GitHub images included the two below featuring the over-bar lights (left), and the I-Beam Service Rail with Gioia style chandelier (right). Photo credit: Eva Kolenko.

gh-hq-1github-passthrough-byHatch-Eva Kolenko








Custom Spaces also worked on the project, and posted these images featuring some of the dining room’s Gioia style chandeliers with I-Beam Service Rail in background (left) and over-bar lights (right). Photo credit: Kim Lucian.

github-office-DVY4vJGw9x github-office-6TNxAZiuUr






It’s been interesting to follow the press GitHub’s new HQ has received. Wired Magazine called the offices a Hacker Heaven, Mashable included them in their 13 Playful Work Environments roundup, SF Business Journal included an image of our over-bar lights in their article, and Bisnow held an event at GitHub called Future of Tech Spaces.

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Linden Street Tasting Room

Linden Street Brewing Company picked up one of my custom ring lights for their new tasting room in Oakland. Can’t wait to enjoy it there once it is installed.

On weekends, our art car making (and maintenance) crew the Empire of Dirt has already been enjoying Linden Street beer after workdays on tap at our private Boiler Bar.


Pictured here: Adam Lamoreaux, head brewer / owner

Photo credit: Linden Street Flickr stream


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Richman Sconce

Richman Sconce

DSC_0040The first thing most people notice about the Richman Sconce is its lush, organic texture. We achieve this finish by collecting the steel scale from around the forge and pound it back into the piece using the power hammer. The resulting surface is almost rock-like, with high points of bright silver steel juxtaposed against valleys of carbon-coated black.

Equally appropriate for an entrance or hallway, the Richman Sconce has a simple design that works well in a wide range of spaces, from Craftsman to Art Deco, rustic to industrial. The plain translucent plastic face pictured here could be switched out for a variety of light-permeable materials.

20″ x 9.5″ x 3.5″

More pictures