Blackrock Hardware Shade Kits


Blackrock Hardware Update June 25th 2019

Wow, Sold out in 2 hrs! Thanks for all the support for our new project “Empire”. Sorry to everyone that wasn’t able to get a kit. We will make even more next year! There are still parts available but no kits. Sorry we will not be making more so we can focus on our car build.

Shade kits are the classic 10′ rafter poles with extensions for 12′ rafter poles and 8′ leg poles!
Feel free to join the Facebook group and/or sign up for our mailing list, and please acquaint yourself with the Shade Pick up Instructions to make sure you can pick up on one of the available dates! We are working on building a new structure with some great new changes for 2020 where the poles will breakdown to 62in.

For more than fifteen years burners have trusted Blackrock Hardware to provide reliable, expandable, trip hazard-free shade on the playa. Along with supporting our camp, all proceeds are helping to pay for a complete overhaul of our newest mission- Project: EMPIRE.


  • Easy to assemble. Spend less time setting up and more time enjoying your burn.
  • No guy lines to trip over. A set nut/bolt welded to the bottom of each leg holds the leg securely to lag bolts.
  • Expandable. Build one big structure out of everyone’s structures or add-on as your camp grows.
  • Durable. After over a decade, our first Blackrock Hardware shade kits are still in use.
  • Used by the experts. For example: Burning Man Project Founding Board Member Will Roger posted on FB
    Will Rogers FB comment

Pick Up

Distribution dates this year will are Saturdays: July 20 and July 27. All orders must be picked up from our West Oakland location. Please familiarize yourself with our pick up information now. Questions can be emailed to

Sorry, we are not offering a Gerlach pick up option this year.

Once picked up the structure is yours – no returns – however, we can offer replacement parts if you find any are functionally flawed


There is no pricing tiers this year, we try to keep the prices as low as we can, and the prices shown reflect the lowest available.


All shade proceeds support the Empire of Dirt theme camp and art. We are very thankful for your contributions!

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