Assembly Instructions

How to assemble your shade structure

Blackrock Hardware strongly encourages you to

  • Keep an inventory list with your shade parts and check that you have ALL your parts while packing and again during the dis-assembly.
  • Bring all tools necessary for assembly and stake removal.
  • Do an internet search for rebar stake removal techniques prior to leaving for the playa.

Recommended tools

  • Work gloves (the poles get hot in the sun)
  • Pliers or sturdy screwdriver for tightening connector eye bolts
  • Something to stand on. A sturdy chair or cooler will do for some, shorter folks may need a ladder.
  • Sledgehammer, large rock, or sturdy mallet to drive in re-bar stakes
  • Adjustable crescent wrench to tighten set bolts on legs
  • Vice grips, rope, or whatever you require for your chosen re-bar stake removal method.


Shade-RoofAssemblyStep 1: Lay out roof poles

Place all roof poles on the ground next to corresponding fittings as shown.
12′ x 20′ shown, double for the 24′ x 20′.

For shade larger than 24′ x 20′, begin by assembling 24′ x 20′, then add sections as described in Step 7.

Shade-RoofAssembly2Step 2: Connect roof poles

Connect all roof pipes and fittings. Make sure to place all five-way fittings with the vertical extension facing down.  Tighten eye bolts gently with a tool. Do not over tighten.

Shade-BallBungeeStep 3: Attach tarp with ball bungees

Lay tarp over assembled roof frame. Start by attached the tarp corners to poles with ball bungees*. Use two ball bungees at each corner, one for each pole. Once corners are fastened, use a ball bungee at every grommet to secure the tarp.

*To use a ball bungee, push elastic through grommet and pull until the plastic ball is resting against the tarp. Loop elastic around the poll and back over the plastic ball.

assembleStep 4: Raise half the roof

This step is best done with 2-3 people.

Lift one side of the roof and insert leg poles into the fittings and tighten eye bolts.

assemble3Step 5: Raise the roof

Lift the opposite side of the roof and insert remaining leg poles and tighten eye bolts with a tool.

Step 6: Drive your stakes and bolt your shade

Make sure the legs are even and straight.  Drive re-bar into the ground about 4″ to the same side of each leg. The 24″ stakes should be driven straight in until about 7″-9″ of the re-bar remains above ground.

Once all stakes are driven, lift one leg, inserting the re-bar into the pole.  Tighten the bolt to the re-bar, then tighten the lock nut against the welded nut attached to leg.  This will keep the bolt from jiggling loose. Repeat with remaining legs.

Step 7: For shade structures 36′ x 20′ & larger

If you bought a 36′ x 20′ kit, or add-on kits, first erect 24′ x 20′ of your shade as described above.

For the remaining 12′ x 20′ sections

  • Assemble the roof poles on the ground (steps 1 & 2)
  • Add one half of the legs (step 4), and attach to side of the 20′ x 24′. Tighten all eye bolts.
  • Adjust the legs to straight vertical positions. Move to the side, drive in re-bar stakes, place leg poles over stakes, and tighten bolt/nut to secure (step 6)
  • Attach the roof tarp (step 3) at the erected height. A step ladder is useful.

Blackrock Hardware shade and rain:

Blackrock Hardware shade is great for what it says: shade. However, in the rain, the flat roof will collect water. If this happens simply tip the water off the roof tarp with a broom handle or cut a small hole in the center of each 10′ quadrant for drainage.

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