What better place to make a statement with lights than Las Vegas? Pizza Rock’s new custom Form & Reform three-ring chandelier does just that, with a bold conical shape that fills their dining room with a whopping 112.5 watts of light. Each of the candelabra sockets can be pointed up, out, down, or anywhere in between, giving the restaurant an opportunity to easily change the fixture’s appearance and keep things fresh.

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I visited Pizza Rock to get a feel for the space, and found the eclectic, industrial design called for a bold, bright, statement fixture that won’t clash with the existing decor. The industrial lines of forged steel rings heavily dotted with candelabra sockets fit the bill perfectly, with Form & Reform’s signature fire-scale finish adding just the right amount of texture to complement the brick walls.

Napa Valley’s renowned Cairdean Estate proved a wonderful space for Form & Reform lights, blending rustic with elegant, industrial with refined. Working with the client, we opted to play up those contrasts, complementing large, bold ring lights with dozens of candelabra bulbs hanging from fabric-wrapped cords. The resulting lights feel almost like enlarged wine barrel hoops, with the many lights shining like dewdrops in the morning sun.

The two largest forged steel ring chandeliers, each an impressive 9′ diameter, will be hung in Cairdean Estate’s The Farmer & The Fox, a Michelin Bib Gourmand-winning gastropub. Two 48″ diameter ring chandeliers will be installed in their tasting room. If your travels take you to the St. Helena area, I recommend a visit to their expansive grounds that include a tasting room, bakery and deli, restaurant, and event space.

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The Web Light chandelier may not catch prey, but it certainly catches the eye of anyone who encounters it. Both elegant and playful, the Web Light features gently hand-forged tapered steel spanning each radial rod, mold-blown glass adorning the vertical hang rod, fire-scale finish texture, and gracefully varied lines.

The durable yet visually delicate Web Light complements a variety of interior styles including Art Deco, French, Modern Glamour, Contemporary, and Eclectic.


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As with all Form & Reform lights, a change of bulbs will transform the light’s feel. This 45″ diameter fixture’s twelve candelabra-sized sockets work perfectly with either chromed or candle bulbs. Chromed bulbs cast light back toward the central glass spire, creating a glamorous sparkle, while candle bulbs visually elongate the radial lines.


Deco Mirror Ring Light Shines

The Deco Mirror chandelier was inspired by the elegance and pizzazz of 1920’s and 1930’s interiors. A statement fixture, the Deco Mirror Light can compliment a variety of interior styles including Art Deco, French, Modern Glamour, Contemporary, and Eclectic.

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This 18-candelabra bulb light is adorned with inset mirror panels lining the underside, inside and outside ring circumference. Hanging gracefully from three curved metal supports, the faceted mirror ring reflects its surroundings and sparkles with light.


Stance Modifiable Fixture

Stance Socks was looking for a custom light fixture that could be playfully modified on a whim. I think this light fits the bill, with 7 medium-socket bulbs hanging from long, fabric-covered cords. The cords can hang straight and long, or be wrapped, knotted, and arranged in countless configurations.

The durable cords are suspended from a bar of square tube steel. The 3-point ceiling attachment design creates a streamlined, elegant, and stable area for cord customization while still providing easy installation.

Please note: these photos show the fixture temporarily rigged in the Form & Reform shop. The final installation will be flush-mounted to the ceiling at the flat disks.

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Oregon Electric Station’s Custom Chandeliers

Custom Chandeliers Create a Timeless yet Modern Space

When the new owners of the Oregon Electric Station Restaurant contacted me, I looked at the space and knew custom lights could really make this historic hall shine. The design would need to be modern, yet timeless, and the fixtures carefully scaled for the space.

To ensure these modern light fixtures would compliment the grand, slightly industrial, turn of the century space, I worked with the clients on the design. They sent me some sketches, and we built upon a few favorite design elements from my previous custom chandeliers. The resulting three-tier chandelier has a conical shape that punctuates the long station hall.

After the design had been finalized, we hand-forged and fabricated six of these three-tier chandeliers in the Form & Reform shop. The top tier is 48″ diameter, the middle is 30″, and the bottom is 16″. Each light has 36 total medium-socket lights, hanging from cloth-covered wire. I also created five custom, single-ring chandeliers for the restaurant.

The Oregon Electric Station Restaurant in Eugene reopens in summer 2014. As with all of my custom work, I can’t wait to see them installed in the space!


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More information:

Oregon Electric Station Restaurant Website, including history

Wikipedia: Oregon Electric Station

The Register-Guard story on the new owners

Announcing Sarriugarte’s new RH lines:
San Sebastian & Circa 1920 Spanish Torch

I’m pleased to announce the launch of two new Restoration Hardware lines of Sarriugarte designed lights: the San Sebastian and Circa 1920 Spanish Torch lines.


Look for me in your April/May magazines (Elle Decor, 7×7, C, etc.) holding my RH San Sebastian chandelier.

Demand for my first line with RH, Camino, was high, so they asked me to design two more lines of lights, the San Sebastian Line and the Circa 1920 Spanish Line. I’m pleased to now be able to offer a broader variety of my forged steel fixtures.

Fans of Form & Reform style can order my RH lights easily online. They are generally in stock and ready to ship, with a price point lower than my custom fixtures. Visit the RH catalogue page for each line by clicking the images below.

Three Sarriugarte lines available now at Restoration Hardware


Circa 1920 Spanish 48" round chandelier
New line: Circa 1920 Spanish Lights

[/ezcol_1third] [ezcol_1third]

San Sebastian 62" Rectangular
New line: San Sebastian Lights

[/ezcol_1third] [ezcol_1third_end]

Camino Two-Tier 72.25" Chandelier
Camino Lights – new options




For a wedding, then forever

While every custom light project is important, the Willow Light was designed for a very special occasion. At their wedding, the clients’ florist will weave fresh vines and flowers through the fixture, as well as gather and tie the hanging bulbs. It’s an honor to know that with all the elements of planning a wedding, this couple chose to commission a Form & Reform light for their special day.

After this light takes the stage as the centerpiece of the loving couple’s ceremony, it can go in their home as a permanent, enduring reminder of that momentous day.

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This 60″ diameter single ring light has both ring-mounted candelabra sockets facing up, and fabric-cords with standard medium sockets hanging 18″ and 30″ below the steel ring. Three chains meet at a simple top hub, tying the fixture together.

Routh Light transforms a deck

The Routh’s took advantage of a little-known feature of Form & Reform fixtures: they can be built for installation in covered, exterior spaces. This two-ring chandelier with hanging candelabra bulbs has a durable clear finish for longevity, while the electrical is double grounded for safety.

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The Routh Light will be installed in an open air deck space with an exposed beam ceiling. Can’t wait to see it installed!

This elegant two-tiered ring chandelier was designed to be the perfect addition to a client’s newly purchased home.

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The Richards light features a 48″ diameter upper ring, a 60″ diameter lower ring, and candelabra sockets.

I’m pleased to share some professional shots of the custom lights I created as part of GitHub’s new – and newsworthy – headquarters in San Francisco, CA. Since most people won’t have the opportunity to see these lights in person, good pictures are gold.

Form & Reform’s contribution to this innovative tech workplace includes twelve Gioia style chandeliers for the dining room, an I-Beam Service Rail for the kitchen pass through, and a series of beam-mounted lights integrated into the architecture above the bar.

It was a pleasure working with Rebecca Brownlee McEfee and Kate Hanzo, principals for Studio Hatch. Their set of GitHub images included the two below featuring the over-bar lights (left), and the I-Beam Service Rail with Gioia style chandelier (right). Photo credit: Eva Kolenko.

gh-hq-1github-passthrough-byHatch-Eva Kolenko








Custom Spaces also worked on the project, and posted these images featuring some of the dining room’s Gioia style chandeliers with I-Beam Service Rail in background (left) and over-bar lights (right). Photo credit: Kim Lucian.

github-office-DVY4vJGw9x github-office-6TNxAZiuUr






It’s been interesting to follow the press GitHub’s new HQ has received. Wired Magazine called the offices a Hacker Heaven, Mashable included them in their 13 Playful Work Environments roundup, SF Business Journal included an image of our over-bar lights in their article, and Bisnow held an event at GitHub called Future of Tech Spaces.

Richman Sconce

DSC_0040The first thing most people notice about the Richman Sconce is its lush, organic texture. We achieve this finish by collecting the steel scale from around the forge and pound it back into the piece using the power hammer. The resulting surface is almost rock-like, with high points of bright silver steel juxtaposed against valleys of carbon-coated black.

Equally appropriate for an entrance or hallway, the Richman Sconce has a simple design that works well in a wide range of spaces, from Craftsman to Art Deco, rustic to industrial. The plain translucent plastic face pictured here could be switched out for a variety of light-permeable materials.

20″ x 9.5″ x 3.5″

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Boiler Bar


After seeing our West Oakland shop’s Boiler Bar a colleague commissioned a replica for his Atlanta based company’s space. He wanted a bar that was simultaneously functional and fun. Since nothing says fun quite like 15′ fire balls he chose this bar to be the focal point for BoBo Intriguing Objects’ company events.

The Boiler Bar has many unique features. Gas flows from two propane tanks beneath the bar up through truss columns fabricated using turn-of-the-century bridge building techniques. Hand-forged handles allow bartenders to shoot flames of varying heights. The hand-painted signs by New Bohemian Signs in San Francisco really pop under filament bulbs and against the bar’s vintage patina. Remote controlled LED lights line the bar, allowing for a customized color glow. The bar has both a glass top surface for serving drinks and a lower bartender height laminate surface for easy drink preparation and cleaning. Four large wheels allow the bar to be easily moved into place or stored away when not in use.

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Radial Line Light

DSC_0156The Radial Line series was inspired by the spiny creatures drawn by biologist and artist Ernst Haeckel.

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These elegant lights are highly adjustable. Bulbs hang from fabric cords that pass through metal arms and through a central hub. When the hub is raised the fixture takes on a cone shape and the bulbs are lowered. Arms can be spread evenly or gathered together.

24″ Diameter Chandelier (5 arm, 6 bulb)
36″ Diameter Chandelier (6 arm, 7 bulb)
48″ Diameter Chandelier (8 arm, 9 bulb)

Prices range from $2,000 – $3,000 based on size and finish


Starbucks Column Light


Starbucks approached me to create a prominent fixture for their downtown San Francisco flagship store. I used the existing I-beam column in the restaurant to anchor this 3-tier site-specific light.

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Spanish Revival Lights

DSC_0212This series of Spanish Revival lights is phase one of a three phase project. Phase two will tackle exterior lighting and phase three will focus on the backyard and garage cottage.

The client and I collaborated on the design of 3 sizes of chandeliers as well as 2 styles of sconces to be placed throughout his Spanish Colonial Revival style home. These lights mimic the cross details that appear throughout the client’s home. We also played off of the home’s existing decorative iron trim, iron spiral staircase, and wrought iron balconies. I created more authentic and masculine looking fixtures by adding extensive texture, thereby avoiding the appearance of mass-produced sheet metal pieces.

The 8-light chandeliers are 24″ wide x 36″ tall. The 2-light sconces are 16″ wide x 12″ tall.





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The Mandy light was designed to anchor a large space while maintaining an airy feel. When installed in the living room of the large hillside home this sparkly piece can be seen from many angles yet does not block the magnificent views. 36″ x 108″ tall.

More pictures


 I Beam Service Rail

DSC_0619The I Beam Service Rail hangs over a pass-through, connecting the kitchen and dining room. By piecing together various types of stock I elevated the appearance of the typical “I” beam to fit the modern industrial space. The rail hangs from two points, providing ample illumination with minimal installation effort. 10′ wide x 6′ tall.

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DSC_0324I wanted a big solid fixture that owned the center of the room. I was also interested in Bulbrite’s new mini Nostalgic bulb and how it reflexes on raw black steel. 36″ x 36″ tall.

More pictures


Horseless Carriage Wheel


More pictures of wheel lights with offset spokes

We took the classic Wagon Wheel fixture and moved it into the next century. Inspired by the horseless carriage of the 1900’s we found this wheel right here in our shop. It was attached to a WWII era fire extinguisher used to fight fires aboard the flying fortresses of that era. This classic look fits with many styles and is very scalable to fit your home, business, or restaurant.


More pictures of wheel lights with flat spokes

The Horseless Carriage Wheel can be custom built in a variety of sizes. The spokes come in two styles – offset and flat. The sockets can be fixed or adjustable. Adjustable sockets allow each socket to be moved 180 degrees, making it possible to point the lights up, down or straight out; each giving the light a completely different feel.


Baker Light



I took the Gioia light fixture and made it even simpler. The wires are in each tube and with the single loop light bulb it’s a clean ring of light.

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Bridge Light Fixture


The Bridge Light came from the inspiration of bay area bridges. I also got a chance to see a destroyed turn of the century bridge at my friend Fritz’s shop at the Last CBA blacksmith conference in October. Very functional joints and attachment points with a playful swirl of lights in the center. This light is 36″ wide.

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The Tribune Tavern is the latest venture from Chris Pastena of Chop Bar and Temoor Noor of Grand Tavern. They approached me to add my industrial Oakland style to this project’s lighting.

A century ago, the Oakland Tribune used the tower’s ground floor as its “local room” – a large, open space where reporters from different departments worked side by side and shared tips on the news of the day. It was a gathering spot for the great minds of Oakland, and a place where headlines were made.

I call this fixture the I.P. Frink after a company that manufactured lights in the late 1800’s. This was the dawn of the electrical age, when lights were changing from gas to electric. While they used the reflector shade to help prevent barn fires I found that the mirrors create a beautiful pool of light that welcomes people to gather under it. I added a few bulbs at the top to showcase the impressive architectural details of the Tribune ceiling.








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Spider Fixture for 8

The Spider light fixture came out of my fascination for vintage industrial lighting. I have a 1920’s single arm version of this over my lathe in the shop. It got me thinking, wouldn’t it be wonderful if each person sitting at the dining table could adjust the lighting to suit their needs? Here is where that thought took me: Lighting for 8.

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Custom Lighting

I. P. Frink Mirror Fixture

I.P. Frink made lights at the dawn of the electrical age. I love this era of functionality and design.

 This light makes a wonderful focal point of light in the room and the reflected patterns from the bulbs are over-the-top beautiful. The patterns in these pictures are from changing only the center bulb!

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Custom Lights

Jon Sarriugarte’s new designs available at Restoration Hardware

I was approached by Gary Friedman and his team from Restoration Hardware this year to design a group of lights for them. Gary and the team had eaten at Camino restaurant in Oakland CA and liked the lights I had done for them. I ended up designing 11 lights for RH for the fall catalog.
These production lights are beautifully crafted, well designed and very affordable.

If you’re interested in a uniquely designed and crafted light just for you please contact me jon at formandreform dot com

My custom work is made right here in West Oakland in my shop: Form & Reform. Each piece is signed and made to make your space uniquely yours. Here is some of the custom lighting I have done.

My furniture line is available here


This light is for a private home with very tall ceilings and a large room. I can’t wait to see it installed! 76″ wide bottom ring, 52″ top ring, and 120″ tall.      More Pictures

Bakers Half Doz

This light would look good in a kitchen, bakery, or an industrial modern home or loft. Brushed forged steel and porcelain sockets. 24″ wide and 24″ high

More pictures


Candida Pendents

These lights were designed as a pendent light for bars, kitchens, hallways or anywhere a cute source of light is needed. They complement my large lights and work great to fill in the edges of your house, or restaurant light plan. Each one is uniquely formed Red hot under our 20 ton press. They come in 3 sizes and up to 3 layers. Hung by twisted cotton cord, or pipe with a canopy to match.

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Gioia Light Fixture



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60″ wide and 90″ tall 15 Edison Bulbs in Brass sockets

This is going in a new restaurant in SF CA.

Red Rabbit Light Fixture

This fixture was designed for Red Rabbit in Sacramento CA.

She wanted a finish to match old kitchen ware from the 1930’s. This light looks great above the bar and is the center piece as you walk in.

More pictures

Red Rabbit Bar

Custom Lighting


Boncher Light Fixture

This fixture was designed for a Victorian home here in the Bay Area. She wanted to modernize the look of the dining room light but keep the feel of the house. This light will look great with her rustic table and will be very visible from the street though the bay windows of the house.

More pictures

Custom Lighting

Square Bar Light Fixture

Great fixtures to hang over your bar, a cozy corner of the restaurant or above each dining table.
Great for tall ceilings. Warmly brightens the room with light cast up toward the ceiling and to the table top at your eye’s level.

More Light Fixtures