Once again we had the honor of celebrating a Warriors championship by parading the Mayor, her family and MC Hammer through the streets of Oakland on the Snail Car. Hundreds of thousands of Warriors fans came out along with some of our favorite local art cars- a rare but exciting mix of art and sports. Congratulations Oakland! One more thing to be proud of in this crazy town.

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Boiler Bar


After seeing our West Oakland shop’s Boiler Bar a colleague commissioned a replica for his Atlanta based company’s space. He wanted a bar that was simultaneously functional and fun. Since nothing says fun quite like 15′ fire balls he chose this bar to be the focal point for BoBo Intriguing Objects’ company events.

The Boiler Bar has many unique features. Gas flows from two propane tanks beneath the bar up through truss columns fabricated using turn-of-the-century bridge building techniques. Hand-forged handles allow bartenders to shoot flames of varying heights. The hand-painted signs by New Bohemian Signs in San Francisco really pop under filament bulbs and against the bar’s vintage patina. Remote controlled LED lights line the bar, allowing for a customized color glow. The bar has both a glass top surface for serving drinks and a lower bartender height laminate surface for easy drink preparation and cleaning. Four large wheels allow the bar to be easily moved into place or stored away when not in use.

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Great to be back for our 3rd show with Insomniac at Beyond Wonderland! Lots of familiar faces and a warm welcome for the snail and crew! This year we brought our new remote fired flame ball and let the crowd light up the night sky to warm the rest of us. I always enjoy seeing people smile when they realize they just made that huge fireball. Met up with some great DJ’s and even got to hang out with Paris Hilton!

John Behrens in his steampunk finest helping the ladies shoot fire balls.

Each one of these fire balls shoots a different shape.

The die hard fans waited in line to get a turn at shooting the fire from the snail. Lots of smiles.

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