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Below are some examples of custom metal lighting designed and built at Form & Reform. Light fixtures are hand-forged in my shop in West Oakland, CA, and are made to order.

From chandeliers to architectural installations, my custom light fixtures are built to suit each client’s taste and space. Since design, size, and finish can all be customized, commissioning a custom fixture is the best way to arrive at your ideal lighting solution.

Custom chandeliers run from $1,800 for a small, simple fixture to $12,000 for a large, complex installation. Most 4′ to 5′ single-tier fixtures are in the $3,000-$5,000 range. Please contact me with the size and style you are looking for, we can go over the options and I can give you a quote. Email jon (at) formandreform (dot) com

DSC_0054Horseless Carriage Wheel

We took the classic Wagon Wheel fixture and moved it into the next century. Inspired by the horseless carriage of the 1900′s, this versatile light can be customized with either offset or flat spokes. It is very scalable to fit your home, business or restaurant.

Richards 3Richards Two-Tier Chandelier

This elegant two-tiered ring chandelier was designed to be the perfect addition to a client’s new home. The Richards light features a 48″ diameter upper ring, a 60″ diameter lower ring, and candelabra sockets.

Las Vegas Three-Tier ChandelierPizza Rock Chandelier

What better place to make a statement with lights than Las Vegas? Pizza Rock’s three-ring chandelier does just that, with a bold conical shape that fills their dining room with a whopping 112.5 watts of light. Each of the candelabra sockets can be pointed up, out, down, or anywhere in between, so the restaurant can update the look easily.

Cairdean Estate Hanging Bulb ChandelierCairdean Estate Chandelier

Napa Valley’s Cairdean Estate proved a wonderful space for Form & Reform lights, blending rustic with elegant, industrial with refined. Working with the client, we opted to play up those contrasts, complementing large, bold ring lights with dozens of candelabra bulbs hanging from fabric-wrapped cords.

DSC_0389 Routh Two-Tier Chandelier

The Routh’s took advantage of a little-known feature of Form & Reform fixtures: they can be built for installation in covered, exterior spaces. This two-ring chandelier with hanging candelabra bulbs has a durable clear finish for longevity, while the electrical is double grounded for safety.

DSC_0535Oregon Electric Station Lights

A set of six, three-tier chandeliers designed to compliment the historic Oregon Electric Station Restaurant’s hall. The scale is carefully considered for the grand space, with a design that is at once modern, industrial, and timeless. The largest ring is 48″ diameter, and there are 36 hanging, medium-socket bulbs.

8 light chandelierSpanish Revival Lights

I am collaborating with a client on a series of chandeliers, sconces, and exterior fixtures for his Spanish Colonial Revival home. The first five fixture designs are 8, 6, & 4 bulb chandeliers and 1 & 2 bulb sconces. The designs all feature crosses and heavy surface textures to compliment the existing architectural details.

Web LightWeb Light

Both elegant and playful, the Web Light features gently hand-forged tapered steel spanning each radial rod and mold-blown glass adorning the vertical hang rod. This 45″ diameter fixture’s sockets can be filled with chromed bulbs to cast light onto the central glass spire for a glamorous sparkle, or use candle bulbs to visually elongate the radial lines.

DSC_0162Radial Line

The Radial Line series was inspired by the spiny creatures drawn by biologist Ernst Haeckel. These elegant lights combine bulbs hanging from fabric cords with radial metal arms for a highly adjustable fixture.

 DSC_0258Bridge Fixture

The Bridge Light came from the inspiration of local Bay Area bridges. Very functional joints and attachment points with a playful swirl of lights in the center. This light is 36″ wide.

Deco Mirror Feature Deco Mirror Ring Fixture

Inspired by the elegance and pizzazz of 1920′s and 1930′s interiors, this statement fixture compliments a variety of interior styles including Art Deco, French, Modern Glamour, Contemporary, and Eclectic.

DSC_0297I. P. Frink Mirror Fixture

I.P. Frink made lights at the dawn of the electrical age. I love this era of functionality and design. This light makes a wonderful focal point of light in the room and the reflected patterns from the bulbs are over-the-top beautiful. These fixtures can be savored, along with a great meal, at Tribune Tavern in Oakland.

DSC_0324Cake Fixture

I wanted a big solid fixture that owned the center of the room. I was also interested in Bulbrite’s new mini Nostalgic bulb and how it reflects on raw black steel. 36″ x 36″ tall.

DSC_0416-horizontalStarbucks Column

Starbucks approached me to create a prominent fixture for their downtown San Francisco flagship store. I used the existing I-beam column in the restaurant to anchor this 3-tier site-specific light.

Hutch-McGriffHutch Chandeliers

These two chandeliers in Uptown Oakland’s popular Hutch Restaurant respond to the request for, “restrained design that manages to be both intimate and bold.” Quote and image by McGriff Architects.

github-passthrough-byHatch-Eva KolenkoI Beam Service Rail

The I Beam Service Rail hangs over a pass-through at GitHub’s SF offices, connecting the kitchen and dining room. I pieced together various types of stock to elevate the “I” beam and fit the modern industrial space. The rail provides ample illumination with minimal installation effort. 10′ x 6′. Also shown, one of 17 Gioia-style chandeliers.

github-office-n0Odw5TcPqGitHub SF Bar Lighting

This series of steel beam-mounted lights is seamlessly integrated into the architecture above GitHub’s SF office bar, creating a welcoming glow.

DSC_0599Stance Modifiable Fixture

Stance Socks was looking for a custom light fixture that could be playfully modified on a whim. 7 medium-socket bulbs hang from long, fabric-covered cords that can be wrapped, knotted, and arranged in countless configurations.

Spider Fixture for 8

The Spider light fixture came out of my fascination of vintage industrial lighting. I have a 1920′s single arm version of this over my lathe in the shop and I thought wouldn’t it be wonderful if each person setting at the dining table could adjust the lighting to suit their needs. Here is where that thought took me. Lighting for 8. See them in the wild at Oakland’s Tribune Tavern.

Candida Pendents

These lights were designed as a pendent light for bars, kitchens, hallways or anywhere a cute source of light is needed. They complement my large lights and work great to fill in the edges of your house, or restaurant light plan. Each one is uniquely formed Red hot under our 20 ton press. They come in 3 sizes and up to 3 layers. Hung by twisted cotton cord, or pipe with a canopy to match.

Square Bar Light Fixture

A great fixtures to hang several  over your bar, a cozy corner of the restaurant or above each dining table. Great for tall ceilings. Casts light to the ceiling and table top, but not at your eyes.

Gioia Light Fixture

Enjoy some highly-rated pizza under these lights at Gioia Pizzeria in San Francisco, CA. 17 Gioia lights also hang in Github’s SF office dining area.

60″ wide and 90″ tall with 15 Edison Bulbs in Brass sockets

DSC_0012Baker Light

I took the Gioia light fixture and made it even simpler. The wires are in each tube and with the single loop bulb it’s a clean ring of light.

Bakers Half Doz

This light would look good in a kitchen, bakery, or an industrial modern home or loft. Brushed forged steel and porcelain sockets. 24″ wide and 24″ high

Brea’s Bread & Breakfast

Brea asked me to make new lighting for her Bread & Breakfast in West Oakland.

24″ by 22″ high in hand forged steel.

Kantor Light Fixture

This is a light I just did for a local home here in California. 24″ x 24″ Iron Seen here with carbon element bulbs.

That’s a Plenty of light fixture

Light of Plenty for any room. This light flows from the ceiling filling the room with warm light. Hand forged details on every piece of steel. 24″ diameter x 36″ high.

DSC_0325Willow Light

This 60″ diameter single ring light was designed for a wedding, where flowers and vines are woven through. It has ring-mounted candelabra sockets along with 18″ and 30″ long fabric-cords with medium sockets. Three chains meet at a top hub.

Woodside Light Fixture

This is a huge light! 8 feet 8 inches wide and almost 100 lights! The challenge was to make it look simple and clean and hide all the wiring. Really a wonder space and this light ties it all together.

8’8″x10′ high Steel and cable

Red Rabbit Light Fixture

This fixture was designed for Red Rabbit in Sacramento, CA. The client wanted a finish to match her old kitchen ware from the 1930′s. This light looks great above the bar and is the center piece as you walk in.

Hillman Light fixture

This light is designed for a private home with very tall ceilings and a large room.

Boncher Light Fixture

This fixture was designed for a Victorian home here in the Bay Area. The client wanted to modernize the look of the dining room light but keep the feel of the house. This light will look great with her rustic table and will be very visible from the street though the bay windows of the house.

Camino Light with Patina

A client asked for a smaller version of the light I made for Camino’s restaurant.

48×60″ Patina steel

Square Light

This ceiling fixture gives off wonderful contrasts of light. The optical illusion of floating frames and handmade texture make this fixture both intriguing and beautiful.

12x12x20″ high Steel & glass

DSC_0542-horizontal cropMandy Light

The Mandy light was designed to anchor a large space while maintaining an airy feel. When installed in the living room of the large hillside home this sparkly piece can be seen from many angles yet does not block the magnificent views. 36″ x 108″ tall.

Corner Cafe Light

Bathroom Lights

Made from vintage glass shades I found in Marin, CA.

6″ x 9″ Steel and glass

Hotel Lobby Fixture

This is a custom light I did for a hotel lobby in Colorado. It was fun to play with old blacksmith styles and new water jet parts mixed in the same piece. The line voltage halogens eliminates the need for a heavy transformers and the light is even, pleasant and using a dimer makes various moods possible with a turn or a click of the switch. It’s 5 feet across, 24″ high and 700 watts.

Julie Henry Fixtures

This is one of several production lights I did for a company designed by a good friend Julie Henry

6×10″ Glass & Steel

DSC_0040Richman Sconce

This versatile sconce features a rich, rock-like surface and a classic design that works well flanking a front door or lining a hallway.

City Hall lights

This light was designed for Richmond City Hall and features an LED controller. This light can color change to match any event or Holiday.

Three Chain Light

Hand forged chain take this simple light to a new level.

 Carbon Bulb Light

Great old fashion way to light a room. A row of these work great above a bar. I can custom make these to match your needs.

Bulb Samples


Texture Samples

Krylon hammerOutdoor Coating Color Samples

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