12′ x 20′ Shade Base Kit12′ x 20′ Shade Base Kit12′ x 20′ Shade Base Kit12′ x 20′ Shade Base Kit

12′ x 20′ Shade Base Kit


Burning Man Shade Structure:

  • Flat Top Roof
  • Length 12 ft | Width 20 ft | Height 8 ft
  • Approx. 90lbs.

By purchasing this kit you agree that it will be picked up during one of our designated pick up dates in Oakland, CA.

Our shade structures are designed with several key features to make your Burning Man experience as enjoyable and stress-free as possible. One of the main features of our shade structures is that they are easy to assemble, so you can spend less time setting up and more time enjoying your burn. There are no guy lines to trip over, and the button lock foot attaches to each leg with a safety eye bolt to double down on keeping it in place. The oversized holes in the foot plate allow for an easy and secure hold to the playa with the supplied 18″ lag bolts. Our shade structures are also expandable, so you can build one big structure out of everyone’s structures or add on as your camp grows. They are also incredibly durable, with our first Blackrock Hardware shade kits still in use after over a decade. In summary, our shade structures are an essential part of your preparation for Burning Man, providing a safe and reliable infrastructure to protect you from the hazards of the desert. They are easy to assemble, expandable, and durable, with a proven track record of success. Order yours today and join the many burners who have already benefited from our shade structures.

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(4 pc) 10ft rafter poles (62″ KD 2pc male/female)
(3 pc) 12ft rafter poles (51″ KD 3pc female/male/female)
(6 pc) 8’ leg poles (50″ KD 2pc male/female)
(6 pc) 1″ EMT metal 5-way canopy fittings
(6 pc) 1″ EMT Foot Base Plate with Button Lock & eyebolt set screw


(1 pc) bin. All of the fittings and tarp fit into this very sturdy and stackable bin.


(1 pc) 12’×20′ extra heavy duty silver sunblock tarp with 1 tote boxes for fittings/tarp
(50 pc) 6.5″ ball bungees
(6 pc) ½” x 18” lag bolt (these go 18″ into the ground through each foot plate ). 3/4″ Drive tool and plastic tote box included. No guy-wires, and no stakes to trip on!


(1 pc) 3 hook coat rack. Slides over any of the leg poles and make a great spot to hang your camel back and coat.