Oregon Electric StationOregon Electric StationOregon Electric StationOregon Electric Station
Oregon Electric Station

After seeing the ongoing renovations at the Oregon Electric Station Restaurant it was clear that custom lights would really make the historic hall shine. The design had to be industrial modern to keep with the renovations yet timeless to match the preserved history of the turn of the century building. Six of the resulting three-tier chandeliers now punctuate the long station hall and five matching single-tier chandeliers were dispersed throughout the dining areas.

Size: 48" | 30" | 16"
Finish: Firescale
Socket: 36 x Medium Base

Note: Designs can be adjusted in size and height with multiple finish options, along with a variety of available finishes in medium base or candelabra socket sizes, to customize the look of the chandelier. Listed specifications are for the chandelier as shown.