Mate 36″Mate 36″Mate 36″Mate 36″
Mate 36″

I made this light for my mother in law Jackie Mate. She wanted to replace the over the top scrolled wrought iron fixture that came with their new home. I had made her a light for her last home and the new owner insisted it stay with the home. It needed to fit with the other iron fixture but stay simple. Borrowing from the lights I did for Harvard, the RH hit Camino and Gioa with came up with our new light Mate. Looking forward to holiday meals under this light!

Size: 36"
Finish: Firescale
Socket: 18 x Candle Cup (Oil Rubbed Bronze)
Bulb: Archipelago Tubular T6 2200k, 2W

Note: Designs can be adjusted in size and height with multiple finish options, along with a variety of available finishes in medium base or candelabra socket sizes, to customize the look of the chandelier. Listed specifications are for the chandelier as shown.