From the Empire of Dirt Headquarters:

Project EMPIRE Announcement

Six months ago, we intercepted an odd radio signal that seemed to emanate from deep space.  The signal was garbled, but after much audio enhancement we could discern the phrase “This is Empire.  We’re coming home.”  Could this be the rumored secret lost space mission from the 1960’s; code name EMPIRE?  If so, and they are coming back to earth 50 years later, what will they be arriving in?  Their Saturn V powered rocket ship… or some alien vehicle they have managed to drag out of the stars?



Do you want to find out what lands in the desert?  The Empire of Dirt crew, known for making The Golden Mean (The Snail Art Car) and the Serpent Twins honorarium project, has assembled once again, this time to take on the extraordinary task of bringing this mysterious spaceship and its crew back to Earth.


To fund this space endeavor, we are again selling our playa ready, modular Blackrock Hardware shade system. The primary pick up location of all purchased shade kits will be the Empire of Dirt headquarters in Oakland, CA, USA; the only place on earth where you may bear witness to the laborious inner workings of Project EMPIRE, the like of which have never been seen before.