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Tribune Tavern Lights


The Tribune Tavern is the latest venture from Chris Pastena of Chop Bar and Temoor Noor of Grand Tavern. They approached me to add my industrial Oakland style to this project’s lighting.

A century ago, the Oakland Tribune used the tower’s ground floor as its “local room” – a large, open space where reporters from different departments worked side by side and shared tips on the news of the day. It was a gathering spot for the great minds of Oakland, and a place where headlines were made.

I call this fixture the I.P. Frink after a company that manufactured lights in the late 1800’s. This was the dawn of the electrical age, when lights were changing from gas to electric. While they used the reflector shade to help prevent barn fires I found that the mirrors create a beautiful pool of light that welcomes people to gather under it. I added a few bulbs at the top to showcase the impressive architectural details of the Tribune ceiling.








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