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Horseless Carriage Wheel

Horseless Carriage Wheel


More pictures of wheel lights with offset spokes

We took the classic Wagon Wheel fixture and moved it into the next century. Inspired by the horseless carriage of the 1900’s we found this wheel right here in our shop. It was attached to a WWII era fire extinguisher used to fight fires aboard the flying fortresses of that era. This classic look fits with many styles and is very scalable to fit your home, business, or restaurant.


More pictures of wheel lights with flat spokes

The Horseless Carriage Wheel can be custom built in a variety of sizes. The spokes come in two styles – offset and flat. The sockets can be fixed or adjustable. Adjustable sockets allow each socket to be moved 180 degrees, making it possible to point the lights up, down or straight out; each giving the light a completely different feel.