Pan Collection: Trusted, Elegant Retail Fixtures

Half human, half beast, the mythological god Pan is the inspiration for the playful lines of these forged metal designs.

pan shelves2

Designed by Jon Sarriugarte, Form & Reform’s Pan Collection is sturdy, elegant, and highly versatile.

The Pan Collection is praised for its broad reach, and is unusually well suited to both retail and residential environments. Retail stores have found the shelves, stands, and etageres work perfectly for showcasing art glass, ceramics, and artisan crafts. Residential customers have bought Pan furniture to complete rooms in a multitude of interior styles, including modern, rustic, eclectic, and traditional.

We use hammer and anvil to forge steel into these life-like leg shapes and combine them with graceful, sturdy, textured supports. Pan pieces are then topped with 3/8” glass featuring a ground, rounded edge. Frames are coated with a clear polyurethane finish.

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Pan Shelves
Pan Tables

Contact Michelle at michelle(at)formandreform(dot)com for trade pricing.

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