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Pan Collection: Perfect for Home or Retail

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Half human, half beast, the mythological god Pan is the inspiration for the playful lines of these forged metal designs.

pan shelves2

Designed by Jon Sarriugarte, Form & Reform’s Pan Collection is sturdy, elegant, and highly versatile.

The Pan Collection is praised for its broad reach, and is unusually well suited to both residential and retail environments. Residential customers have bought Pan furniture to complete rooms in a multitude of interior styles, including modern, rustic, eclectic, and traditional. Retail stores have found the shelves, stands, and etageres work perfectly for showcasing art glass, ceramics, and artisan crafts.

We use hammer and anvil to forge steel into these life-like leg shapes and combine them with graceful, sturdy, textured supports. Pan pieces are then topped with 3/8” glass featuring a ground, rounded edge. Frames are coated with a clear polyurethane finish.

Purchase Pan Collection pieces at the Form & Reform Store
Pan Shelves
Pan Tables

Contact Michelle at michelle(at)formandreform(dot)com for trade pricing.


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Boiler Bar

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Boiler Bar


After seeing our West Oakland shop’s Boiler Bar a colleague commissioned a replica for his Atlanta based company’s space. He wanted a bar that was simultaneously functional and fun. Since nothing says fun quite like 15′ fire balls he chose this bar to be the focal point for BoBo Intriguing Objects’ company events.

The Boiler Bar has many unique features. Gas flows from two propane tanks beneath the bar up through truss columns fabricated using turn-of-the-century bridge building techniques. Hand-forged handles allow bartenders to shoot flames of varying heights. The hand-painted signs by New Bohemian Signs in San Francisco really pop under filament bulbs and against the bar’s vintage patina. Remote controlled LED lights line the bar, allowing for a customized color glow. The bar has both a glass top surface for serving drinks and a lower bartender height laminate surface for easy drink preparation and cleaning. Four large wheels allow the bar to be easily moved into place or stored away when not in use.

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Pan Coat Rack

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In addition to making strange fire stuff and art cars I make some wonderful, practical, safe things for your home. Here is a coat rack I designed and made for Form & Reform.



The mythological god Pan, a playful and mischievous character, had the torso of a man and the legs of a goat. The graceful and playful lines of the legs on this line made me think of him immediately. We use hammer and anvil to forge steel into these life like leg shapes, combined with textured bar. Why not bring a touch of myth and mischief into your life?

Pan Coat Rack M312

16″ x 16″ x 72″ tall
Features delicately forged finials
Coated with a clear polyurethane finish
Hand forged and hammered textured steel, the top spins freely to access coats in a tight spots

$390. Price Includes Shipping