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Science Badges for nerds

Steven Nelson sent me this today. I’ve done many of these things in my life, but I’d be lying if I could claim it was in the name of science. I should make a group of these for artists.

West Oakie Turkey Shoot Benefit Nov 28th

West Oakie Turkey Shoot

to benefit The Giant Iron Snail Car the Golden Mean

& the Electrobite


With the holiday spirit upon us it’s time for a good old fashioned turkey shoot and hoedown. Times is hard and we know not all of you can afford a turkey this year, so drop your last dollar on us and hope your aim is as good as you say.

3 birds will go home to the best shots of the night.

Grand Prize, a Free Range Willie Bird Turkey!
A $108 value!
Best shot of the night wins this delicious bird! We will deep-fry it on the spot!

Featured Art:

The Front Porch


Sarriugarteis (Odontochile) trilobite

The Golden Mean


The Wrecker


While your waiting your turn to shoot get liquored up at the Boiler

Bar and take in the sights of our stage.

Featured Acts:



Brothers Horse


The Easy Leaves


Mykee Ramen


Highlights of The Boiler Bar performers

Including JD Limelight, Tanzee, Denzel, & Jodi

Sponsored by:

bg_left_logoLinden Street Brewery


November 28th 2009, 8pm-2am
2600 Magnolia at 26th street in West Oakland Map
Enter through the Parking Lot Gate
$10 donation to support the Golden Mean
As always at the Boiler Bar: DJ’s, & ravers are welcome to talk and learn.

Dorkbot vs Fight club



Extra Action Nurse!


My Pictures

Karen’s pictures

Great article by Jure Cuhalev

Paula Wirth’s Pictures


Sad to hear fight club at Nimby got canceled! I hear it might happen this coming weekend if they can work out issues with the city. We had a great time at Dorkbot and saw some amazing things done with electricity.

What a wonderful night of entertainment and science. Great to see so many babies, kids and teenagers running down the halls. Reminds me of events I went to as a kid and I hope some of what we’ve made and done rubbed off on them last night. I was asked by several parents to teach a class or have a summer camp of some sort. Young dorkbot. I’m interested and I’ll start thinking how that could work.

what’s next? Pride parade, Zolie Mae’s birthday (my daughter), 4th of July in NV, 200 tons of sand party, sleep and time with my family.

Send me links, and tell me what you liked about the night.

Previous post about Dorkbot

Dorkbot #1 Seven years ago!

Pictures from the very 1st SF Dortbot

Maker Faire May 30-31st San Mateo CA


The Boiler Bar & Theater are gearing up for Maker Faire next week and looking forward to seeing everyone!

We are bringing the Boiler Bar, Boiler Bar Stage, and the Giant Iron Snail Car the Golden Mean.


Look for us near Oaks Hall behind the Mouse Trap

Show times for the Boiler Bar are: 1:30, 3:30, 7pm Sat. & 1:15, 4:15 Sunday


Wonderful photo’s from our last show by Taboo

Spaces for Lease at the Kraftworks Building


My shop Form & Reform is here as well as many other wonderful artists and craft trade people.

I’d like to find more like minded people to share my building with.


Light industrial space located in the hub of West Oakland near Emeryville with great freeway access.

Each of these units is fully enclosed to the ceiling with sheet rock rock walls and a locking door.

Unit 110 includes:
2461 sf  – $2380/month
Can be subdivided fully lockable/separate sub units of:
1265 sqft- $1350 shop space with roll-up door to street
375 sf – $500 studio/office with large windows
320 sf – $440  studio/office with large windows Rented
200 sf – $300  studio/office with large windows Rented
Each unit would be fully separated with lockable doors
Exposed brick and tile from the 1920 Kraft cheese factory
11 Plus High Ceilings with Windows
Ground floor corner unit
3 phase power
3 Studio/Offices and reception/lounge area
Industrial sink
Roll up door and Man door to street
Great building with lots of trade, artists, and craft.

510 444 7007, or 510 295 5407 for an appointment


img_00021 img_00051

img_00031 img_00041img_00061 img_00071 img_00081 img_00091 img_0010 img_00014

California Blacksmith Association April 23-26 in Petaluma


The CBA is a wonderful organization that shares the tradition of blacksmithing. It’s not often we get to have it so close to the Bay Area. If you have interest in starting, or want to learn more this is the event for you. This group will share everything they know and teaching stations will be setup everyday of the event.

I will be there with the Snail Art Car the Golden Mean


CBA Spring Conference


Claudio Bottero, Piombino-Dese, Italy
Jadran and Martino Stenico, Rome, Italy
Eric Clausen, Oakland, California
Toni Standteiner, Truckee, California
Jill Turman, Alameda, California
Andrew Kyte, Berkeley, California

Shamrock N Roll Roller Derby this Sat.

The Boiler Bar’s very own Mitara will be there to show those girls how to play NICE!

Come One Come All!!!
Roller Derby is where it is at!!!!
This Saturday (3/14/09) is another amazing match up.
It will be a hard hitting bout between
Richmond Wrecking Belles vs the San Fransico Shevil Dead
It is a luck of the Irish SHAMROCK and ROLL kind of night, so
wear your green and come support your Local Derby Girls.

Come support a DIY organization, for the skaters by the skaters!

Bay Area Derby Girls

ETech 2009

Great day (thanks Dale and the Make crew). I don’t get out in the real world much and I always love learning new things at these events. From afar I don’t think I have anything in common with the tech world but I always find common ideas and go home wanting more. Here’s what I walked away with:

  1. 1 gal of gas equals 1000 man hours of labor. Try rototilling your garden by hand sometime and you will know this to be true. I love the smell of gas and fresh turned soil.
  2. A chicken needs 200 calories a day and provides 96 calories/ egg. Not bad if most of that can come from your yard and food scraps. Auto chicken door needs refinement (another project).
  3. You can grow food using LEDs. Not sure why I would do this as I live in sunny CA and the sun has been working just fine, but now I know. more
  4. Educating my kid to change her habitual electrical use, and to remind me to do the same will probably work better than another gadget I never look at after the 1st week. I’m thinking an incentive program where youths turn in their parents for wasting resources!
  5. We are all to overwhelmed by information and each other to enjoy life. One of the reasons the events I host have been so popular. We show people things, then give them space to talk about it and to possibly participate if interested. Going to incorporate that into this blog with more how too post.
  6. Glad to see the people at Adobe are thinking about the impact packaging makes on the environment and front end solutions to aid designers in making educated environmental decisions.
  7. Robots won’t replace Zolie (my daughter) anytime soon.

Form & Reform on Prototype This!

Prototype This Backyard Water Slide Simulator Build

Prototype This invited Hino and I to be part of the crack team to build the Backyard Water Slide Simulator a few months back. This show will air this week Nov. 12th on the Discovery Channel. Air dates and times. We had a great time building this wonderful machine with a great crew of artists, designers, engineers, videographers, producers and all the others who took care of our every need including the cast of Joe Grand, Terry Sandin, Mike North and Zoz Brooks . I don’t get to be “not in charge” very often and it was enjoyable to go home every night, not having to worry about if this thing would work! Thanks Joe for taking the lead!

Tune in to see how it all works out!


Wow that edit was really bad! This was a great project and the details of building it were far more interesting then watching the hosts play in the water or with a CB radio. There are 2 whole hours thrown on the editing room floor of a great show with all kinds of real drama and education.


More Photos

Remember: Fire Is Hot
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