Blacksmithing Burning Man and Oakland

I got some great press at Huffington Post. Big thanks to Robin Wilkey for the story. I love that she printed what I said about Oakland. I really do hope Oakland get’s it right this time. I encourage you all to vote and take over this great city!

Jon Sarriugarte: Blacksmith And Burning Man Legend On The Playa And The Future Of Oakland


The Ephemeral Architecture of Burning Man

The Ephemeral Architecture of Burning Man

16 years in the making, 196 photos, 112 pages, 11”x8.5” softcover, $29,
the book has landed.
Black Rock City is a unique urban experiment in the American landscape.
For one week 50,000 people deploy treasures of ingenuity to survive in style (or not) and leave no trace in one of the harshest environment of the USA. Home of the Burning Man festival, the artistic nature of the event calls for one-of-a-kind solutions mixed with open source creations and off-the-shelve gear.
From 1996 to 2010, photographer Philippe Glade documented more than 170 ephemeral dwellings, camps, structures of BRC.
This books presents for the first time a comprehensive selection of those solutions.

This book features both My Blackrock Hardware shade and our camp the Empire of Dirt.

Power Tech Builders- RoboGames

Power Tech Builders- RoboGames

Here is a nice video about RoboGames that features the Giant Iron Snail Car the Golden Mean.

We set up our bar and snail for the VIP party the night before the games opened.

Make Magazine’s story about the Golden Mean

The Golden Mean

A good friend of mine at Boing Boing, David Pescovitz wrote this great article for Make Magazine about the giant snail Kyrsten and I made.

Thanks to our wonderful friends who made it possible to make this artful creature come alive.


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Volume 16

The Golden Mean in the NYT

New York Times

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