Cool Hunting- Oakland

Cool Hunting- Oakland

A word of mouth look at Oakland. There is a very brief view of the snail car shooting fire at the end.

I’ve been thinking the artists of Oakland need to take over the politics of this town. Anyone want to run for city council in West Oakland? I know we could win and really put this place on the map!

Zolie and I will be at Art Murmur’s Moto Velo at the Uptown Body and Fender (401 26th St., Oakland) this Friday Dec 4th 2009. Will be there hanging out or driving around giving rides.

Snail Happy Hour @ Cafe Biere

Zolie and I stopped by Cafe Biere for their BBQ and  beer tasting  happy hour last night. The normal fair there is Belgium with a Latin flavor. Great fries, mussels and spicy dips!  They had BBQ set up at the curb and Zolie and I shared the most wonderful plate of fresh roasted corn on the cob, ribs and a baked patatoe. Yum!

I got to sample a few beers, but my favorite was the “Black Oil”

Harviestoun Ola Dubh (30 Year Old) Ola Dubh (or ‘Black Oil’) is a collaboration between Harviestoun Brewery and Highland Park, Distiller of the Year. It is based on Harviestoun’s award-winning Old Engine Oil. With more than a stylistic nod to the classic Imperial Porters (and Stouts) of the nineteenth century, this deliciously rich, dark, 8% a.b.v. beer is the first ale to be aged in malt whisky casks from a named distillery and, with traceable casks.

I will be back there again especially for the happy hour beer and conversation with the locals.


20 Tons of Sand and lots of Work!

20 Tons Of sand starts this Sat @ 4pm with swimming, art and the best line up of music and acts I’ve seen in a long time! Here are some shots of setup tonight.

More pictures




Flatland Productions



I happened into the parking lot at my shop to see what I thought was a guy tagging. I was happy to discover an artist covering the junk on the streets with art. By the time I left the shop most of the art was gone. I did get one pc from a broken shelf to hang in my office. Thanks for the art!


Omega Recoil at the Dorkbot Seven Year Anniversary Party

Dorkbot Seven Year Anniversary Party at the Boiler Bar June 20th

A night of learning, making, & sharing of Electrical Science & Art!


Wireless Power Transmission: How did Nikola Tesla do it?  By Omega Recoil

In the late 1800s Nikola Tesla began experimenting with transmitting power wirelessly via the earth’s crust and the ionosphere. He invented what we now know as the Tesla Coil; this device was capable of generating extremely high voltages, and was the pre-curser to radio transmission. What was Tesla doing? How was he doing it? Does wireless power work? The Omega Recoil team have been re-creating some of Tesla’s wireless power experiments, with interesting results.

Our presentation will include videos of our Tesla Coils running and power being transmitted wirelessly.


Omega Recoil is a team of Scientists, builders, engineers, showmen and industrial artists that have created extremely large sparks in the San Francisco Bay area since 1999. The members of the group began work with: Pyrokenetics, Dr. Megavolt, Flaming Lotus Girls, SRL, Firefall, SimNuke, and Acme Muffineering. Omega Recoil is the intersection where Mad Science meets Art and Education.


Also presenting:
Mike Winter
cofounder of SFC,llc. will be speaking about his cyborg arm.
Jon Sarriugarte
One or more of the following topics:
The Giant Iron Snail Car the Golden Mean
1928 Hogan Tesla Coil
Powertool Drag Racing
Volt-Aged Whiskey

Plus more!
After the speakers each of these topics will be presented in larger than life demos!


June 20th 2009, 7pm-2am
2600 Magnolia at 26th street in West Oakland Map
Enter through the Parking Lot Gate
$10-20 donation to support the Boiler Bar
As always at the Boiler Bar: DJ’s, & ravers are welcome to talk and learn.

West Oakland’s Salute to OPD

Thanks OPD!


Dogtown Militia’s salute to OPD’s fallen officers at 26th and Adeline in West Oakland.

My thoughts go out to their families and especially their children.

Thanks to Rich at SDG for designing and producing this banner/bus bench. He is making more of these banners for people to put up in their homes or businesses with all profits going to the families of the fallen officers. You can contact him at

Trust funds established thus far are as follows:

Persons wishing to express contributions for the trust funds of fallen officers may do so by two methods:

John Hege’s wishes include donations to
any of the following beneficiaries: Link

Individual Checks made out to families and mailed to c/o OPOA:
Attn: Rennee Hassna
555 5th Street
Oakland Ca, 94607

Make checks out to the following:
“Dunakin Children’s Family Trust”
“Romans Children’s Family Trust”
“Sakai Family Trust”

Wire transfers directly to Merrill Lynch Accounts…
“Dunakin Children’s Family Trust”
a/c #204-04065
“Romans Children’s Family Trust”
a/c #204-04066
“Sakai Family Trust”
a/c #204-04064

Jeff Thomason
Public Information Officer
Oakland PD
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