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So many people who have hung out with the warmth and played in the sand of my wonderful Fire Gardens have asked me how they could make one of their own. I’ve taken the guess work out of all the fittings and sizes and put together a few kits that I use all the time in my work. I’ve also put together instructions on how to use these kits to make your own Fire Garden.

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Examples of Fire Gardens and Patio Heaters (Replaced the fire ring with unique burners) made with the venturi kit upgrade



dsc_0571.jpg dsc_0512.jpg dsc_0538.jpg dsc_0455.jpg 2223831343_81d5c57a70.jpg dsc_0024.JPG


In addition to these kits you will need a container that is able to handle high temperatures and be fully sealed underneath (leaks or drain holes will also allow gas out). A 55 gal drum works well. The weldable coupler provided will need to be welded though the bottom, legs added, then simply attach the fittings, ring, hose, propane BBQ tank and add sand. Sand should be 3-4″ above the ring. It will take several seconds for the sand to fill with gas and rise to the top. Once lit it’s time to play in the sand with simple tools. This works best after dark when you can turn the flame down very low until you only see a blue flame.

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