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Fire Pit by Copter Kids’ Errol Kerr

I received some photos and videos from Errol Kerr at Copter Kids the other day. He had used one of our Fire Pit Kits as the guts of this striking custom steel fire pit. Gorgeous.

Finished fire pit
Finished fire pit

This video gives a peek at the fire pit build, along with some mesmerizing fire footage starting around 1 minute in.

Seeing the design file and a plasma CNC machine cutting the components of his fire pit stand got me thinking: wouldn’t it be great to have a digital fire pit design file that anyone could download and modify if desired? Making a pit would be as easy as sending the file to your local waterjet/plasma cutting facility, then assembling the stand and fire pit plumbing kit.

An exciting challenge would be to design a fire pit stand where the pieces fit together with no welding. I’ve seen our colleagues at Because We Can do amazing things with flat-pack designs.

Ready to build your own fire pit? Buy a kit here.

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