Fire Kits in Use

Customer Builds

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Form & Reform Builds

Fire Garden Instructable

So many people have hung out with the warmth and played in the sand of my wonderful Fire Gardens have asked me how they could make one of their own…

Fire Pit

A’s Custom Fire Garden

Use a rake to create beautiful drawings with fire in this custom fire pit.

Fire Pit on Water

Use water instead of sand, stone, or glass for an unusual effect. It is challenging to use this technique and the flames do tend to go out, but it’s worth it while it lasts.

Corten Steel Fire Pit

A San Francisco family asked for a fire pit they could integrate into their hardscaping. The Corten steel will develop a lovely patina over time but won’t rust through.


BBQ conversion to gas Instructable

I built a charcoal BBQ some years ago and I hate how long it takes to fire up. I looked at new gas grills and thought I could just make one myself for a lot less…

Extreme Flames

This barrel project is a great use of a fire ring. Not my kit but this site is full of inspirational ideas and resources for fire glass.

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